Physicist builds machine to strip cream out of Oreos

Physicist David Neevel dislikes the cream part of Oreos with a level of passion only exploitable by professional scientists. So, he did what any cookie-loving physicist would do: he came up with a way to maximize his cookie input while minimizing his cream input. Although his preference for the cookie is disturbing to me, his creation is awesome.

It's called the Oreo Separator Machine (OSM, for short) and it's exactly what it sounds like. The OSM does the dirty work of removing the cream from Oreos while leaving both cookie halves intact. What I'm wondering is, what happens to all of that glorious, discarded cream? Maybe Neevel could build a second machine that adds more cream to Oreos for people like me. I would gladly entertain a Triple or, dare I say it, Quadruple Stuf Oreo. What a beautiful, beautiful dream.

YouTube, via io9

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