Lucky kid gets X-Wing bed with working S-foils, R2-D2 cooler

Credit: DarthDaddy42

Do you want to know why geek parents make the best parents? Because they make things like Starship Destroyer cakes that light up and quadcopters that follow their kids to the bus stop. The latest geeky parent to amaze us is imgur user "DarthDaddy42" and the incredible X-Wing bed he built for his lucky son.

With a name like DarthDaddy42, we're a little confused as to why he built an X-Wing bed for his son instead of a TIE fighter one, especially when the covers and sheets clearly reveal their allegiance to the Sith. Troubled Force arguments aside, the X-Wing bed is actually kinda cool. It's wings open and close so it can lock S-foils in attack position, an HDTV is hooked up to a hidden Blu-ray player, and — our favorite — the R2-D2 co-pilot in the back doubles as cooler for stashing galactic sodas. The inside cockpit is completely off, missing all of the colorful square buttons and scanners the X-Wing in Star Wars has, but honestly, who minds? 

Judging from the pictures, that DarthDaddy42's kid is loving his X-Wing bed. We wouldn't be surprised if his dad sneaks in a few naps while his son's off playing with his Star Wars action figures. (We'd do the same!) Take a look at the gallery below and prepare to get jealous.

DarthDaddy42's imgur, via ObviousWinner

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