Yang Yongliang's cityscapes mimic ancient Chinese paintings

Credit: Yang Yongliang

It is Yang Yongliang's theory that China is on the verge of losing calligraphy forever. If he's right, much of China's traditional art will become extinct along with it. Thankfully, Yongliang has come up with a modern angle on traditional Song dynasty paintings that he hopes will carry the art form into the future. 

Using a Photoshop-like program, Yongliang painstakingly stitches photos — and sometimes video elements  together, ultimately creating vignettes which are at once entrancing and vibrant. The key to Yongliang's methodology is his adherence to the quiet beauty of original Song dynasty artworks. A quick glance at one of his works might make the viewer think that they were viewing some ancient work of watercolor or ink. 

A closer look, however, might reveal twinkling lights, bustling traffic patterns, and even the errant visitor from beyond the stars:

While much of Yongliang's work must be experienced firsthand, the videos and images below should give a sense of what he has created. If you would like to view Yang Yongliang's work in person, his new exhibition will be open from March 14 to April 27 at the Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris.

Via Colossal

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