NYPD says murder in NYC down thanks to social media surveillance

Credit: SecAgtMan

See? Hanging around on Twitter and Facebook all day has its advantages. According to the New York Post, New York City's murder rate is down 33 percent this year (so far), thanks to the New York Police Department's new SETS (Strategy Enforcement Teams). SETS monitor social media and "pore over tweets and Facebook posts from the area's known street gangs."

This isn't the first time the NYPD has stepped up its technology game. Last month, the force launched a crime tips app for iPhone, and recently, it was revealed that the NYPD has entire teams dedicated to tracking down stolen iPhones, iPads and iPods in order to "learn the pattern of who is stealing."

The New York Post says combing for clues on social media sites has led to the arrest of dozens of gang members in one go (as many as 50 thugs at once):

"If you have a victim who is assaulted, they won’t talk to police,” said the source. “But when gang members threaten each other on Facebook, that’s enough to get a conspiracy charge.”

If you're dumb enough to publicly share everything on social media, you probably deserve to get caught. Just sayin.'

New York Post, via PopSci

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