Wearable gesture controller wants to give you Force powers

Two of the hottest areas of emerging tech, gesture control and wearable tech, have just been merged into one amazing yet simple concept called the Myo, a wireless controller you wear on your arm.

Created by Canadian startup Thalmic Labs, the armband senses muscle activity and executes your motions throughout a range of platforms, such as video games and desktop computers (both OS X and Windows). The company's video demo also shows the device being used to remote-control a military robot, a heads-up display recorder and a tiny quadrocopter. According to the company, the Myo can recognize up to 20 distinct gestures, including mid-air turns of the wrist and finger taps. 

We talk about Minority Report-style innovations here often, but the promise here is as close as anything we've seen — if it really works so effortlessly. Considering the well-received debut of the Leap Motion gesture controller device, set for release later this year, it will be interesting to see which gesture control device most early adopters choose. And of course other control methods are also looking to reimagine the way we interface with technology, such as Innovega's futuristic contacts and Tobii's eye tracking.

The device is available for pre-order for $149, and delivery is expected to occur sometime later this year. You can check out the Myo in action in the video below.  

Via NewScientist

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