NVIDIA's new spaceship headquarters may rival Apple's

Credit: NVIDIA

Back when the late Steve Jobs unveiled the plans for his company's new campus, it looked like Apple might be testing its hand at spaceship design. Now another Silicon Valley heavyweight, chipmaker NVIDIA, has unveiled plans for its new headquarters, taking the spaceship aesthetic to a new level.

Designed by Hao Ko of Gensler architects, the complex uses a triangular motif spanning a couple of two-story buildings that evokes the image of two alien spacecraft just landed in the middle of America's technology hub. The structures, set to go up in Santa Clara, California, amount to half a million square feet and will house roughly 2,500 workers. 

Commenting on the futuristic nature of the new headquarters, NVIDIA co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang said, "The new NVIDIA building will capture the ambition and imagination of our people. It will stand at the intersection of science and art, just as our work in visual computing does. It will be the symbol, the physical manifestation, of our vision for the company." The new facility will reportedly be completed sometime in 2015.


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