Billboard in Peruvian desert turns air humidity into drinking water

The University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC), located in Lima, Peru, came up with a unique way to bring potable water to thousands of thirsty residents living in the coastal desert region. In the Bujama District of Lima, for instance, access to water is limited to polluted wells and it almost never rains, but the humidity can reach well over 90%.

Fortunately, the area's high humidity allowed UTEC to "capture the air" and turn it into water — using a billboard. Generators inside the billboard capture the air humidity and then it travels to a reverse osmosis filter and then it's ready to drink. In three months, the billboard generated about 2,496 gallons of water, providing drinking water to hundreds of families. Just imagine what this could do for other areas with similarly low rainfall and high humidity.

Check out the video to see UTEC's billboard creation serving fresh water to the folks like Francisco Quilca.

YouTube, via psfk

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