Student transforms cardboard into a stellar 10-foot Optimus Prime

Cardboard Optimum Prime
Credit: NerdApproved

Forget those scrap metal versions of Transformers built by fans around the world. Let's just say using metal parts was a low hanging fruit strategy for those guys when you consider this pretty sweet looking version of Optimus Prime made from cardboard, duct tape and some glue.

UK resident pwarner184 built this MacGuyvered version of Optimus Prime out the the hot building material du jour - cardboard. We've seen helmets, houses, and vacuum cleaners but this impressive model is a first.

The first thing you'll notice from our gallery below is this cardboard version of Optimus Prime doesn't look like a pile of old boxes with some spray paint. With curves and careful cuts this is a pretty cool detailed model.

It's no surprise that the creator is an art student, and he has other works over on his website Fortunately for us his tastes run towards the geeky side. Keep 'em coming, pwarnerUK!

pwarner184 via NerdApproved 

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