Man ditches his resume, sends 3D model of his head instead

If I were an employer making my way through a sea of standard resumes and a 3D printed head with the slogan "Tiny Head, Big Ideas" came across my desk, I'd probably stop and give that candidate a think (exactly what I'd think I'm not sure). Wouldn't you? That's what Floyd Hayes was hoping when he sent out the model of his head to prospective employers.

Hayes went to the New York Makerbot store, scanned his head and had 10 models created along with the slogan encased in glass.

If this seems a bit off the charts for a normal job applicant, it is. Hayes came from the agency Cunning London, where his specialty was non-traditional advertising. This was the guy who put Mini Cooper's on roofs to push the car.

His 3D head resume assault is another example of his larger-than-life thinking. While he is looking for a job, technically it's not for him but his new consulting business that specialises in guerilla marketing. He's on the hunt for new clients for his big ideas.

I think it's safe to say a tiny 3D replica of his head is certain to get some attention in the creative community. Those of us who are still wallowing in the trenches who can't see a 3D head landing us the job of our dreams should probably stick to a rocking' cover letter along with a USB business card to help us stand out from the crowd., via Geeky-Gadgets

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