'House of Cards' keeps 86 percent of Netflix users online

Credit: Image via ABC

In the not-so-distant past, Netflix had its users running for the hills after the company hiked prices and split its DVD and streaming services. Since then, the company has seemingly stabilized and expanded its streaming services to a plethora of television-ready devices. Regardless, with the rise of services like HBO Go, it isn't too far-fetched to predict the company taking a slow dive.

At least, that is before exclusive content began popping up. First, beloved cult comedy Arrested Development announced 15 new episodes exclusively on Netflix. Then the company released its own series House of Cards, which has proven to be a hit.

In fact, a survey by Cowen and Co. found that 86 percent of Netflix users claim they are less likely to cancel their subscriptions because of the series. An overwhelming majority also said they'd cancel their subscriptions if the price of streaming ($7.99/month) rises again.

As streamed shows gain more respect (they are now eligible for Emmy awards), it stands to reason that their quality will continue to rise. Whether that'll be enough to keep Netflix current stock of customers remains to be seen, but the news is nothing if not sunny for the company.

Via Slate

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