Entrepreneur creates egg-free eggs

Credit: Image via Delano

Eggs are so 20th century. At least, that's the mindset of Josh Tetrick, founder of Hampton Creek Foods. His San Francisco-based company might not even be a year old yet, but it's already created a potential culinary game changer: plant0-based egg replacements.

A team of 19 has been attempting to find a replacement for the egg. It has worked with more than 344 prototypes while studying 287 different types of plants in the long search for a replacement.

And it's worked, sort of. This month, the company began offering samples of Beyond Eggs, which is a baking product created to replace eggs. Muffins, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pancakes. All sans eggs. The company's also gearing up to release egg-free mayonnaise, sauces, dressings and even an egg-free scrambled-egg product.

Tetrick isn't in this for any dietary reasons. Instead, his egg products will be nearly 20 percent cheeper than ones already on the market, and they'll last a whole lot longer on shelves. Not to mention that it'll be a good bit better for the environment. But he won't release any of these products unless they taste exactly like the originals.

And he's doing all this with what you can find in the garden.

Plant-based eggs. Who knew.

Via Businessweek

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