Watch Jimmy Fallon get the first hands-on PlayStation 4 demo

Sony's two-hour PlayStation 4 event on Wednesday gathered the elite of the tech and mainstream media, and drew well over half a million viewers around the world tuning in via live stream. But after a long build up, and several interesting game demos, the company wrapped up the presentation without even showing off the console, a strategy that angered some and only stoked more interest in others.

Interestingly, after bringing all those reviewers and experts together for the event, Sony ended up giving the first hands-on demo of the system to talk show host Jimmy Fallon just one day after the event. Herman Hulst of Guerrilla Games visited the set of Late Night to show off the capabilities of the PlayStation 4 with a brief round of gameplay in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Before getting started on the game, Fallon was given a brief introduction to Sony's new DualShock 4 controller. After that, a bout of hilarious gameplay ensued, but just as in the live event, no console was shown off during the demonstration. 

Although Sony's decision to shroud the console in mystery until the holiday season may be frustrating for some gamers, it's almost certain to increase interest in the PS4. The dramatic delay is somewhat understandable because the PS4 may represent one of Sony's most important launches ever as it attempts to regain its stature after several years of decline.

You can check out Fallon and company putting the PS4 through its paces in the video below. 

Via LateNight

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