Video: Hitting the slopes on the world's first glass snowboard

Every once in a while, Signal Snowboards comes out of hibernation and builds a crazy snowboard. We've covered their wacky iShred, a snowboard with an embedded iPad and their solar snowboard that charges your gadgets up, but this time they've dialed back on the tech with the world's first all-glass snowboard.

For Signal Snowboards' glass snowboard, the team traveled to Italy to get expert help from glass factory Vetreria Aurora. The glass snowboard is comprised of two glass sheets, which are then tossed into an oven for 24 hours to give their tips and tails a curve. Once the board's done, it's sent off to Viraver for tempering, so the glass doesn't shatter in a million pieces when it's impacted. The two tempered sheets of glass are then bonded together in an autoclave and cooked overnight before it's reading for riding.

To test it out, Signal Snowboards rider Giorgio Morell took the glass snowboard out for a spin in Abetone, Tuscany. He concluded that riding on glass was "amazing," but unpredictable. At times, he thought it would slide, but the board would just stop, as if it was on a track. Morell also praised the glass snowboard for its ease when making turns.

How well does the glass snowboard hold up before it cracks? We won't spoil it for you, so just watch the video below.

Via YouTube

(Thanks, Perry!)

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