This C-3PO dress is a flattering look for you droid lovers out there

The designers at Etsy store GeekyU know that feisty Threepio has been wholly missing from the Star Wars fashion that's available out there. Fortunately, they made sure to correct this unconscionable wrong with a sexy C-3PO-inspired dress.

Of course, C-3PO might have gone underrepresented in geek fashion in the past because he isn't the most popular droid, but we call foul, sirs and ma'ams! Sure, the R2-D2 dresses and Han Solo bathing suits are cute, but who wants cute when you can dress like a sassy know-it-all? I promise you, ladies, there are days when this will be just the kind of fashion statement that you want to make.

You can buy GeekyU's dress for $200, but if you're not quite sold, check out their other awesomely geeked out apparel. Yes, guys, there's stuff for you as well.

GeekyU on Etsy, via io9

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