Gallery: Aircraft fan builds amazing replica of a Pan Am 747 jet

Last week we learned how a Canadian man's obsession with the trains of his childhood culminated with him building a full-scale train inside his basement. Now we find a California man who has likewise fulfilled his own childhood dream by building a full-sized interior from a vintage Pan Am 747 jet inside a warehouse.

Anthony Toth works as an executive for United Airlines, so he has some pretty good connections to get his hands on spare aircraft parts. He began by redecorating his home to look like the interior of a passenger jet, but before too long his project had outgrown his house and garage. Eventually the local authorities were about to come down on him for code violations, so he moved the entire operation into a 3,000-square-foot commercial warehouse. This gave him ample room to really get the project flying, including his ultimate goal of having a fully functional upper deck lounge.

In addition to the upper deck, Toth's 747 includes a complete first class cabin and the first rows of what Pan Am called "clipper class," kind of an early forebearer of business class. Everything is perfectly accurate down to the tiniest details, with Toth having scoured California's numerous aircraft salvage yards for parts. Not content to stop at the plane itself, Toth's recreation includes original Pan Am cutlery, plates, glassware, and even headphones for the vintage in-flight entertainment system. A pull-down screen lets his guests watch movies in the first class cabin, just they way they were shown years before planes had individual seatback TV sets.

The final touch: for a recent party, Toth hired retired Pan Am flight attendent Anna Gunther to give the whole affair a final touch of authenticity. Dressed in her original Pan Am uniform, Gunther and served drinks and meals to Toth's guests just like she had decades earlier.

The craft remains a work in progress, and Toth's next project is to add a complete 747 cockpit pulled from a retired Air Canada jet.

While it sounds like a lot of fun for now, perhaps the FAA will start to take notice if he goes shopping for wings and engines.

Check out the gallery to see details of Toth's beautiful recreation.

Via Daily Breeze 

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