Watch Jony Ive deftly avoid acknowledging a kid's wrist PC concept

British children's show Blue Peter recently invited Apple design chief Jonathan Ive to come on and critique a few concept designs from children in the U.K. The television spot is unique in that it is one of the few times we get to see Ive expound on the subject of design outside of an Apple commercial introducing the company's latest product. 

A U.K. native, Ive recounts his own experience with the TV show and how it shaped his early perspective on design. Presented with the school bag designs of three different children, Ive seemed sincerely impressed by the first concept, and genuinely amused by the second, but it was the third concept that seemed give the Apple design master a bit of pause. 

The bag concept, called the School-a-Sack by a young girl named Sarah, would use a wrist computer to tell you where the bag is when lost, presumably using GPS to tell you which direction to travel in order find it. What's interesting here is that while Ive actually went into detail while critiquing every feature of the previous designs, he completely avoids even mentioning the young girl's rather inventive wrist computer idea. 

Is Ive's complete brush off of the child's wrist computer a hint that Apple's rumored iWatch is indeed a real product, as Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times would have us believe? Did a child's crayon-sketched wrist computer concept throw Ive off his game for a second? Sure, it seems like a stretch, and perhaps even a bit cynical and silly — right now. But if and when Apple unveils something not entirely dissimilar to little Sarah's crayon genius in the coming months, Ive's silence could be telling in retrospect. 

You can judge whether or not we're reading too much into this by checking out Ive in the video below.

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