Video: Mouth interface puts digital data on the tip of your tongue

Credit: Arthur Sasse

Most of us ingest a machine's output with only two of our senses: our vision lets us read displays, while hearing lets us take in audio information. The Tongueduino is looking to expand that list by bringing touch into the mix.

Developed by Gershon Dublon at MIT, Tongueduino is a small Arduino processor-based interface that translates visual data into electrical tingles you can feel on your tongue. A thin flexible circuit board with a 3x3 grid of emitters sits on the top of your tongue, delivering a readable pattern of low voltage electrical impulses. This could be used for something like delivering silent directions from a GPS receiver, or to turn you into a giant compass with signals that point you towards the north.

Tongueduino is similar in many ways to a system we saw a couple of years back, only this version seems less directly tied to visual inputs. Dublon says that he has been testing out the Tongueduino for about a year, including experiments with about a dozen volunteers. You'd look pretty silly walking around with wires sticking out of your mouth, although a wireless version could be developed.

Check out the video to see some MIT students testing out the Tongueduino.

Via New Scientist

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