Solar-copter offers a portable, flying power plant

What if you had a flying solar panel that could remain perpetually in flight, moving to sunnier areas at different times of the day in order to draw on new power when a charge is needed? That is the fantastic vision of a group of students at Queen Mary University of London, illustrated in a set of images showing the development of the proposed mechanism.

The concept device would be used as a multi-purpose tool, programmed to perform a number of functions. Although the group doesn't specify what those functions might be, it isn't difficult to imagine the remote-controlled mechanism being used to deliver emergency power charges in the field, or even a fleet of the solar-copters being used as a kind of portable solar array for outdoor events and camping expeditions.

According to the group's Facebook page, the model shown is an early prototype and they are preparing to unveil a more advanced version in the next few months at an upcoming U.K. engineering conference. 

Via Designboom

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