Sober up in minutes with nanocapsule anti-alcohol pills

If you've ever had a few drinks too many, you know what it's like to have to rely on friends to help you get home safely. Aside from being plain ol' embarrassing, it's pretty inconvenient for them, too. Of course, a good buddy won't mind being there for you when you're slurring and compulsively calling that ex who shall not be named, but what if there was a magic pill that could take you from wasted to not a few short minutes? What is this witchcraft, you ask? Nanocapsules!

UCLA bimolecular engineer Yunfeng Lu and USC biochemist Cheng Ji are heading up a group of scientists who have created "biomimetic enzyme nanocomplexes." These enzymes are tucked inside non-toxic, nanoscale polymer shells and they mirror the body's way of processing alcohol, albeit at a much faster pace. So far, the team of researchers have seen it work with intoxicated mice - it rapidly reduced their blood alcohol levels and could become common "antidotes and preventive measure for alcohol intoxication."

How would nanocapsules change our drinking habits? Weigh in below.

Nature, via io9

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