Gallery: Adorable mini robots built from recycled electronic guts

Credit: Marco Fernandes

Anyone can take some old junk and make art, but not everyone can be a Marco Fernandes. The Portugal-based product designer uses recycled components from old DVD players, stereos, computers, toys and other electronics, and turns them into cute little "R³bots" (pronounced "are-cube-bots").

While the R³bots don't move, they are at least a little bit functional. Each one has two working LED eyes wired up to a battery, along with several points of articulation. They range between 3.5-inches to 7.5-inches tall and even come with their own cyberpunk-ish displays made from old jars, lamps, boxes and hard drives.

Here's what Fernandes has to say about his uber-cute R³bots:

"Each one is unique and built in a very fluid process without any draft whatsoever or character study. I like to think that they assemble themselves. The pieces come together fitting themselves, creating bodies, skeletons that results in a single unique character, a R³bot."

You probably want to buy one now, don't you? You can, but they're really expensive, costing between 450 Euros (about $600) and 500 Euros (about $668). If you're having second thoughts, maybe it's better to just take a look at them in the high-resolution pictures below, or you can start chopping up all your gadgets and try to build your own.

Marco Fernandes, via Colossal

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