See the surprising monster lurking in our oceans – the Internet

Undersea Map
Credit: TeleGeography

The Internet is a giant beast that takes many forms to get that LOLcat to your computer. These days when you hear people talk about data pipes you might think they are a little old fashioned, what with Wi-Fi everywhere. Here's the thing — that Wi-Fi signal didn't always exist and our fancy satellites can't handle all the regular data demands around our Big Blue Marble.

After all, that blue in the Big Blue Marble is vast expanses of oceans, so to get our Internet, we still rely upon some crazy long stretches of old-fashioned cable under the sea to connect our different continents.

The ocean is a rough place — filled with giant squid, volcanic vents and tsunamis. Someone's got to keep track of where the cable is, or at least the general area where it was once laid down so it can be maintained. Every few years a company called TeleGeography undertakes the task of updating its Submarine Cable Map, and it has just released the 2013 edition.

It's fully interactive and you can drool over it in detail here. It's perfect for those who want to learn a little bit more about the old fashioned way the new-fangled Internet still gets around.

Sadly, real undersea monsters aren't included.

TeleGeography, via Gizmodo

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