Give your geek sweetie a little science this V-Day: aerogel hearts

Credit: Aerogel Technologies

Valentine’s Day is a (frustratingly) loaded day. So many decisions. If you’ve just started dating someone, what do you do? What if you’ve been with someone for a while? You don’t want to get them something disproportionate to what they get you. The list of anxieties goes on, but we’ve got the answer to all your problems: the aerogel heart.

Yep, you can get you sweetie one of the lightest solid materials that has ever been created, and you can get it in the shape of a heart courtesy of Aerogel Technologies.

Aerogels are traditionally used in industrial and scientific manners, rather than the getting-that-special-someone-amorous manners. Nonetheless, what could be a better gift for a geeky girlfriend or boyfriend? Heck, what could be a better gift for anyone who spends a lot of his/her time worrying about the states of matter?

That’s what I thought.

Now, remember, these hearts, which are $75 a pop, are extremely fragile. They are, after all, aerogel. So treat it the way you would your partner: with care.

Find them here.

Via Wired

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