Fujifilm shows off bendable speaker prototype

Credit: Tech-On

Here’s something to add to the list of things you probably didn’t think you needed: bendable speakers from Fujifilm that can roll up like a newspaper.

The company has created a speaker called the Beat diaphragm, and its inner workings are pretty interesting. The challenge around designing a speaker like this is that it would have to be soft, and if it gets too soft, it muffles sound. The Beat diaphragm has a polymer on the surface that is soft enough to curl up, but when sounds from 20Hz to 20kHz are pumped through it, it hardens. Piezoelectric ceramics provide the sound.

At the moment, the speakers don’t have any known customers. Regardless, the possibilities are pretty huge. Portable speakers exist, but few are this simple to carry about.

Via Engadget

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