Facebook brings back facial-recognition

Credit: Terminator 2

Okay, everybody, you can breathe a sigh of relief. That’s good, let it all out. Facebook has brought back its facial recognition software that makes tagging photos just so much easier and/or creepier.

Just a reminder: Facebook is a social network that you may have heard of. There was a movie and everything. On said network, you can post photos and tag other folks in them. Toward the end of 2010, the network added a facial recognition feature to the website, which would suggest the name that a face should be tagged under.

What the software does is keep an eye on folks you’re generally tagged in photos with. When you put up new photos, the basic facial recognition does its thing, and voila, it offers (generally correct) suggestions.

When this first debuted in the United States, there was more than a little backlash against the company for privacy issues. Since that time, the feature has been pulled and the social network added a lot more privacy customization. Even so, now that the feature is back, it’s a default feature (though you can turn it off). Go figure.

Via The Next Web

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