New Mercedes sedan makes your Lamborghini look kind of slow

Mercedes-Benz has released final details about its upcoming 2014 E63 AMG, and it looks like you might have to sell off your Lamborghini to make room for a faster car. With 577 horsepower and 590 lb/feet of torque on tap, the car's twin-turbo engine cranks out more power than any Porsche on the market, and will outsprint a Lamborghini Gallardo LP460-4 at the lights.

For what is after all a four door family sedan or station wagon, the performance of the E63 is truly mind-numbing. The 0 to 60 mph sprint takes just 3.5 seconds, while the top speed is electronically limited to 186 mph. That should get you to that door-buster sale down at the Walmart long before anyone else.

To get all of the power onto the road, the E63 sends the output of its 7-speed automatic gearbox through a variable-split all wheel drive system with a limited-slip differential. This should mean the end of the days when the AMG cars were barely controllable beasts that would spin their tires at a mere blip of the throttle. That's great for getting the kids to school on time, but perhaps not so good if you plan on doing some donuts to impress their friends.

The 2014 E63 AMG will go on sale this summer, with prices yet to be confirmed. Figure a little under $100K, and you should be in the ballpark. It will come in three versions, the standard E63 AMG in sedan form with a mere 550-horsepower, and the more powerful S-Model with all 577 horses in both sedan and station wagon versions.

Check out the video to get a sneak preview.

Mercedes-AMG, via Pistonheads

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