Heat map reveals every spot on Earth meteorites have hit

There's no doubt that last week's meteorite strike in Russia has many many people wondering which places near them have been impacted by space rocks. Using data from the Meteoritical SocietyJavier de la Torre, co-founder of Vizzuality and CartoDB, whipped up a neat little heat map for The Guardian showing every point where scientists have discovered evidence of meteorite impacts.

The map shows 34,513 recorded points on Earth that have been struck by meteorites since 2,300BC. As impressive as that figure might seem, it doesn't include data for where meteorites that haven't left any evidence, like every single one that landed in an ocean, or impact sites that haven't been discovered yet.

Speaking to The Verge, de la Torre says it only took him about 30 minutes to create the map using the crowdsourced platform OpenStreetMap.

The heat map is embedded below for you to see if your neighborhood has ever been struck by a meteorite.

The Guardian, via The Verge

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