Video: A retrospective look at Sony's PlayStation consoles

Credit: Sony

Where did the time go? Has it really been 18 years since the original PlayStation launched with 3D graphics and optical disc-based storage? Over nearly two decades, Sony has helped shape gaming with three PlayStation consoles and two handheld systems. The original PlayStation launched in Japan 1994, the PlayStation 2 in 2000, and the PlayStation 3 in 2006.

On Wednesday, Sony is widely expected to announce the PlayStation 4 (code-named "Orbis"), which will reportedly stream games and include a controller with a touchpad.

To celebrate the impending PS4, Sony's releasing a retrospective video each day to pay tribute to its PlayStation legacy. The first three videos below include reels for the PS1, PS2 and PS3. Today and tomorrow, we should be seeing the PSP and PS Vita, just in time for the PS4 announcement in New York on Wednesday. We'll be there.

Via PlayStation Blog

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