Gallery: Lego's upcoming X-wing Starfighter has over 1,500 pieces

Credit: Lego

Sorry Star Trek fans, but this is exactly why Star Wars always comes out on top — its toys are way cooler. Stomping on the Starship Enterprise's brick parade is Lego's new 1,558-piece Red Five X-wing Starfighter.

True, Lego's released X-wing sets before, but this one is huge: 20 inches long, 10 inches tall and its wingspan S-foil span measures 18 inches wide. There's room for an included R2-D2 minifig to help with the navigation system, but we have to ask: why isn't a Luke Skywalker minifig included? This is the Red Five, which is the ship that Luke flew when he blew up the Death Star.

The Lego X-wing will be available in May for a whopping $199.99, which includes a display stand and data sheet label.

Via Brothers Brick

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