Charge your phone with your morning cup o' joe

Epiphany Labs has been working on solar powered water purification for a few years now, but it recently started another cool project on Kickstarter. The Epiphany onE Puck is a mobile power generator that can be used like a coaster for your hot or cold beverage. While you protect your table from stains, your favorite drink is simultaneously charging your phone. The red side works with your coffee or other warm beverages and the blue side works with your favorite cold drink.

Here's Epiphany on their onE Puck: "with the Epiphany onE Puck, your phone will never die again. This compact heat engine will simplify your life and benefit the world!" Sounds pretty good to us. If you're curious about this portable charger, watch the video and click though the gallery. And, if you still want more, sign up to get your own onE Puck on Kickstarter for a pledge of $115.

Epiphany Labs and Kickstarter, via Daily Mail

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