Meet The Rally Fighter, a crowdsourced car

Credit: Image via uncrate

Crowdsourcing has brought us many an interesting item, including these intense vehicles that DARPA reached out for. DARPA's not the only one looking to create insanely awesome cars, though. Local Motors, a group of designers, engineers and fabricators who share ideas communally, has unearthed its first creation, and she's a doozy.

Meet The Rally Fighter.

The car, designed by art student Sangho Kim, is powered by a 6.2 liter V8 engine at 430 horsepower and can include your standards add-ons like leather interiors, satellite navigation and power windows. And it can be yours for $74,900.

Of course, given its crowdsourced nature, you have to put this lady together before taking her out for a spin. You wouldn't be doing this alone though. Instead, you'd head out to the Local Motors Phoenix Micro-Fatcory for two 3-day weekends of Rally Fighter-building.

More importantly, this car looks to be somewhere between an off-road 4x4 and a sleek sports car. Not sure what you'd look like rollin' down Main Street in this baby, but I can guarantee this: you'd draw some stares.

Via The Power Base

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