AOL dial-up still produces most of the company's profits

Credit: Image via Fox News

Take a look below if you're one of the many people out there who often find yourself wondering "What ever happened to AOL's dial-up Internet service?" Because the answer is actually pretty surprising: it still exists. Not only does it exist, it still accounts for most of the company's profits.

It actually accounts for more than all of the company's profits. I guess this isn't totally shocking. What else has AOL really been up to? Still, it's a little crazy that dial-up Internet offers the company $500 million in profits, which can obviously become funding for any research projects the company might have in the chamber.

There's even speculation that the dial-up business could grow if AOL offers enough added value, but that seems nearly impossible. Considering how cheap it is for AOL to provide this service and how high the profit margin in, it could just be the best trick AOL ever played …

Via Business Insider

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