Dogs can pick dogs out of image array

Credit: image via AG

We've long known that dogs follow their noses, and we've even tried to create a device to bridge the communication gap between dog and man. But it turns out our furry friends are even smarter than we realized. Researchers have found that dogs can pick out the faces of other dogs when given an array of images that include other species.

This might not seem crazy when you consider a golden retriever picking out another golden retriever, but the study took in more than 400 pure breeds of domesticated doggies. These, of course, had various morphological diversity i.e. they all looked very different.

The dogs were then shown 144 pairs of photos to choose from. Researchers wanted to see if they could place the photos of dogs into the same category. Nine dogs acted as the subjects, and all nine succeeded in categorizing the dogs from other species.

What does this prove? Well, nothing immediately helpful, but it does show that, according to the study's authors, "Although humans have stretched the Canis familiaris species to its morphological limits, its biological entity has been preserved."

In other words, dogs are still dogs.


Via EurekAlert

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