Why Russian drivers always record the best disaster videos

Have you ever wondered why Russian drivers always seem to conveniently have video footage of disastrous highway incidents? No, they don't drive up and down highways waiting for things like meteors to fall from the sky. There's actually a logical reason for why so many Russian drivers have dash cams installed in their cars: police corruption.

I've never visited Russia, so I don't know how dangerous the roads are, but Animal's Marina Galperina used to live there and she says that the "Russian Highway Patrol is known throughout their land for brutality, corruption, extortion and making an income on bribes."

According to Galperina, Russian courts "don't like verbal claims," but will provide justice to victims if they have video evidence. For instance, in the Al Jazeera video segment below, one driver says that without a dash cam, she could have never proven that a government car illegally cut in front of her car, crashing into it in the process. Dash cams have also cut down on extortionists who "will jump under your car at a crossing, laying on the asphalt, simulating a badly hurt pedestrian waiting for that cop conveniently parked nearby."

In Russia, it seems having a dash cam isn't just a good idea, it's practically a necessity. And as a byproduct, we all get a good laugh when the videos hit YouTube and LiveLeak, as well as spectacular shots of incoming meteors.

Animal, via Mashable

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