Video: Researchers create iPad-controlled robotic car

Google's self-driving cars, as well as several commercial automakers, are leading the way for a future of virtual chauffeurs. But in recent years, if a device works on electricity but can't be controlled via our smartphone or tablet, it almost seems incomplete. Now a research group at Oxford University has added that all important iPad component to the self-driving car story.

The team's RobotCar uses cameras, aeriel photos, radar, laser sensors, and real-time Internet queries to allow the car the take over driving duties from its human passenger. This is all controlled via a dashboard-mounted iPad with an app that allows the user to program a route and then simply press a button that gives the car control of the driving. And, like other self-driving cars, the mechanism automatically stops for random pedestrians crossing the roadway.

The entire set-up was crafted around a Nissan Leaf electric car, but the researchers think this kind of car control for mainstream users is at least a decade or more away. You can check out the iPad-controlled RobotCar in action in the videos below. 

Via Guardian

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