Spotted at the Toy Fair: A faithful Mr. Fusion replica

Credit: Bill Edwards/DVICE

If you’re a Back to the Future trilogy fan, then you’re very aware that, according to the film, 2015 is the deadline for the creation of the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor. That's fast approaching, and there hasn't been much hope of it actually existing. At the Diamond Select Toys booth at this week’s Toy Fair in New York City, we found Mr. Fusion — the replica — and while it won't turn trash into energy, it will be coming to a store near you in 2013.

DST Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat tells us that, following the success of the company's Flux Capacitor replica in 2008, DST moved on to Mr. Fusion as it appeared in Back to the Future 2. "The original was based on a coffee maker [like Mr. Coffee]," Oat laughs. "A lot of people started making it for their own replica cars. You can still find people selling the original coffee makers on Ebay."

DST went back to the film prop itself to create the scale replica, and Oat showed off its working parts, such as its lift-up lid. You can dump a banana peel and a Miller can inside, too, but Oat doesn't suggest it: you'll have some cleaning up to do.

Still in the advanced design stage, Oat reveals that "right now, we're working on a smoke feature. We're hoping when you open it up it will make the noise [from the film] and smoke will come out from a small smoke machine."

Mr. Fusion has a street date for the last quarter of 2013 with a price point that's still to be determined. If you can't wait, check out this DIY video for instructions to make one of your own.

Photography for DVICE by Bill Edwards.

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