Google takes NFL fans on a virtual tour through the Colt's stadium

The Super Bowl is long past, but if you're an NFL fan, there's still a way to hold on to the last vestiges of your football mania by taking a unique virtual tour through Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Indianapolis Colts.

This 360-degree virtual trip through one of the most popular stadiums in the country was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Google Street View team. The virtual tour takes you through nearly every inch of the massive stadium, from the locker room, to the observation suites, through the long and winding concourses, and even all the way down to the 50-yard line.

This is the first time the Google Street View team has used its tools to take users inside an event stadium, but thanks to the use of the portable Trekker camera, we're likely to more and more of these kinds of intimate views of famous buildings and hard to reach areas. It may not be quite as good as being there in person, but it's a lot closer than many of us will ever be able to get.

You can take your own virtual tour of the stadium by visiting Google's Street View via the link below. 

Via Google

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