Sleep at work, Costanza-style, with this convertible desk

They say that taking a power nap during the workday will help your productivity, but where can you go to take a snooze in the typical office? The Life Desk from designer Athanasia Leivaditou looks like a solution that even George Costanza would embrace.

To convert from working to napping mode, you simply push back the top and fold down the privacy panel with its built-in mattress. Then the end panel swings out for a little added headroom, and you can watch some TV on the flat screen down by your feet.

The whole thing seems very civilized, but I'm not sure how many bosses are going to go along with this. Leivaditou has entered the Life Desk for consideration in the A' Design Awards, with the winners to be announced in a couple of weeks.

Check out the gallery to see the Life Desk in its various settings, and the video to see the original George Costanza version from Seinfeld that we can only assume must have inspired Leivaditou.

A' Design Awards, via Apartment Therapy


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