Gallery: Guy creates epic 'Battle of Hoth' diorama in living room

Credit: Zipidi Doodah

Of all the battles in Star Wars, fans seem to especially love recreating the Battle of Hoth, whether it be with Lego or by transforming New York City snow storms.

Star Wars fan "Zipidih Doodah" did what any geek with a 140-square foot living room would do: he recreated Hoth in diorama form, complete with battle-scarred AT-ATs, Snowspeeders and walls painted to look like the icy planet.

For the realistic-looking explosions, Zipidih Doodah put together some special effects using chicken wire, polyester stuffing (the kind you find in pillows), spray paint and a 13-watt LED light placed underneath to make it glow. You can see how he did it in this this video.

All the superlatives in the world can't do this Hoth diorama justice, so we're just gonna zip it and let you flip through all of the incredible photos in the gallery. There's also two bonus videos showing Hoth before and after it was finished.

Zipidi Doodah's Facebook and The Fighting 1:18th, via Nerd Approved

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