Custom Lego wall brightens up even the dullest office

We've all seen enough generic stock photography and neutral color palettes around town to know that office decor is usually pretty boring. And that's fine, it's office decor, nobody cares. But one company decided to laugh in the face of traditional workplace design and sought out the clever folks at Acrylicize to make something, well, different.

The first thing you need to know is that a company called Qubic Tax commissioned the project. Yes, they're tax specialists, and perhaps not the sort of place we'd expect to have a sense of humor about their work. Nonetheless, Qubic asked Acrylicize to make a quirky installation that evokes the theme of "tax." That's a tricky one.

Acrylicize decided to go with this awesome Lego wall. Each Lego figure represents a different vocation, and therefore, a different type of taxpayer. No matter what you do, you probably pay taxes, and the 1,200 Lego people on Qubic's wall show that off marvelously. We haven't managed to spot any Lego Stormtroopers, but we're not entirely sure what tax bracket they're in anyway.

View the Lego wall in all of its glory in the gallery below. It's almost enough to make me excited about working on my taxes. Almost.

Acrylicize, via My Modern Met

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