Can you control your heart rate? You must to win this game

Credit: Stewart Wolpin/DVICE

Pulse, from an outfit called Teko Toys, is a game designed to get your heart beating.

Those kinda goofy Xena Warrior Princess memorial tiaras worn by Teko Toy workers Jonathan Bannet and Margot Bienvenu, pictured above, are actually heart rate monitors that transmit your ticker's ticks to the scoreboard.

Each player chooses a card from one of three categories: body, duel or mind. Each card contains an activity challenge — to raise, lower or maintain your own heart rate by some number of beats per minute, or force your opponent's heart rate to jump. You then stick the card into the scoreboard/card reader, which tracks the heart-pounding results of the given challenge. (Toss in a little neurological metering and it sounds like you have the beginnings of Damage. - Ed)

I'm not sure how someone wins — I just hope it's not the last person to keel over. If nothing else, maybe the game will help you figure out how to remain calm in stressful situations. For $50, you'll get two headbands, the card reader/scoreboard and the challenge cards when Pulse goes on sale this summer. I'd keep a cardiologist handy, though.

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