Beercade: The arcade machine that rewards winners with beer

Credit: McKinney

Here's an idea to revive the appeal of arcade machines: reward winners with beer. We're fully aware that the Beercade is a machine made to market the Big Boss Brewing Company, but we don't really care, because it's ingenious and we're thirsty.

Hand-made by McKinney, the Beercade is loaded with a custom 2D fighting game called The Last Barfighter that pits two players against each other. Instead of coin slots, the Beercade has two taps for players to place their beer cups under. The first player to win three rounds gets a cup of beer. No word on how much a round costs, but it's an arcade machine; it can't possibly be that much.

If you ask us, the Beercade sure beats tackling a vending machine in the hopes it'll drop a can of beer. McKinney, if your team is reading this, please get this game out to bars ASAP.

McKinney, via Engadget

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