You'll hate your subway system after seeing Stockholm's

Credit: Alexander Dragunov

Since urbanites (mostly) make up the DVICE team, we've got a certain level of appreciation for public transportation, especially shiny new subway stations.

In his recently released book titled Tunnelbana, Swedish photographer Alexander Dragunov shows through pictures why the Stockholm Metro in Sweden is one of the finest and cleanest in the world. Unlike the cramped and dirty subway stations in a city like New York City, the tunnels of Stockholm's Metro system are designed to look like caves — very colorful ones that invoke the different elements of water, fire, grass and more. How can you not be happy while riding the subway in Stockholm, when you're surrounded by gorgeous art and design?

According to The Coolist, Dragunov gets people-less photos of the Stockholm Metro simply by being patient and waiting until everyone leaves. There's no photoshopping people out or anything. Talk about dedication!

Great, now I need to visit Norway and Sweden.

Alexander Dragunov, via The Coolist

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