V-day map shows where all the single men and women are hiding

We're just one day away from Valentine's Day, the most important day of the year for lovers, but some of us are still stuck out on the fringes of singledom with no one to receive our fumbling, geeky kisses. In a bid to help some of those lonely hearts out there, real estate company Trulia has composed a set of detailed infographic maps of the U.S. showing where the largest numbers of single men and women are, broken down by zip code.

Hot pink areas indicate areas with more than 25 percent single women, while dark blue areas indicate the same for men. According to Trulia, the best neighborhood for men to find a single lady in one of the 10 largest metro areas in the U.S. is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York, while for women the best place is Long Island City, Queens, New York. The maps use data from the 2010 decennial Census and focuses on single men and women living alone under the age of 65.

Of course the maps don't offer insight into the huge numbers of singles living as roommates in big cities, and they don't cover smaller metro areas, but if you're in one of the bigger concrete jungles, these maps serve as a great snapshot for those trying to figure out the local epicenter of singles action. 

You can take a look at all the data, and a number of color-coded maps covering the biggest cities in the U.S. here

Via Trulia

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