Under Armour shows off interactive running suit of the future

Wearable tech has become a popular focus for some of the leading tech companies, but sports brands have been experimenting with the category and bringing real products to the market for several years. Now one of sports's best known equipment brands, Under Armour, has unveiled a video spot that shows off its current innovations, as well as a tantalizing look at what they envision for the future.

The commercial series is titled "I Will" and its central message focuses on using technology to measure and enhance sports and fitness performance.

Most of the video gives viewers a look at the company's very real Armour39, a digital performance monitor that athletes can wear around their torso to measure their activity. But later on in the ad, a concept garment is shown that appears to embed a touchscreen fitness tracker into the very fabric of a bodysuit. For hardcore sci-fi fans like yours truly, the image immediately brings to mind the utility suit worn by the time traveling cop in Continuum.

The difference here is that Under Armour doesn't view this suit as far off sci-fi; the company apparently has aspirations to create these kinds of interactive garments in the future. You can see the interactive fitness suit in action in the video below. 

Via Under Armour

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