RoboMe uses the iPhone to put a face on your humanoid robot

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

There's a thin line between casual toy and amazing innovation, and one of the most popular areas where that distinction gets blurred is in the arena of robotics. WowWee, a company that has spent a lot of time in recent years developing robot toys, has unveiled a new robot that uses your iPhone as its face and control unit.

Winner of the Nuremberg Toy Fair Toy Awards, the RoboMe uses speech recognition to learn names, can read preprogrammed sentences in response to prompts, and can change its face based on the owner's preferences. To control the robot's movements, the user must use another Apple iOS device to wirelessly interface with the RoboMe. Pricing has not been announced, but the company expects to make the device available to the public sometime this summer.

You can take a brief look at the RoboMe in action the video as well as spy some photos in the gallery below.

Via PocketLint

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