This iPad app quickly turns renders into 3D-printable creations

Before 3D printers, the closest thing we had to making our own slimy monsters was using a Creep Crawlers oven to mold Plastigoop. Autodesk's new 123D Creatures app takes that concept to a new level, allowing anyone with an iPad to model their own 3D monsters and then send them off to be 3D printed.

Designed for amateur modelers, 123D Creatures provides a quick and easy way to render up a skeleton, add limbs, and decorate it with a variety of different textures using a few finger gestures.

Once the creature's all finished, users can share their creations online or export a 3D mesh for printing with their own 3D printer such as a MakerBot Replicator 2. For those who don't own a 3D printer at home, they can send their blueprints to 3D printing service Sculpteo and it'll print one right up. Although, it'll cost a pretty penny according to Kotaku's attempts

For a $7.99 app ($1.99 for a limited time), 123D Creature looks like it has a good amount of depth and is intuitive enough for anyone to pick up. Wannabe 3D modelers, here's you chance to see if you've got the chops to cut it or not.

Autodesk 123D Creature, via TechCrunch

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