This guy's basement train set has a difference, it's full-sized

Credit: VinceTalotta / Toronto Star

Lots of kids have toy train sets when they're little, but as they get older they normally move on to cars and other adult-sized toys. Not Canadian Jason Shron, who kept on dreaming about having his own train.

To fulfill his dreams, Jason build a full-sized replica of a passenger car from Canada's Via Rail TurboTrain, the train he would ride on from Toronto to Montreal to visit his grandma when he was a little kid. The results are astonishingly realistic, largely because he got an opportunity to strip out a genuine car that was about to be scrapped. A lot of the little details that make all of the diffrence came from that opportunity, and they have just the right amount of patina to give it the look of an actual working train.

Jason's obsession with realism didn't extend to installing a real train toilet, so he used that space to set up an audio system for his new man-train-cave. A nice set of vinyl records continues the retro theme, although he admits that he prefers to play recorded train sounds, enhancing the experience just a bit more.

Check out the video to see how Jason built the train, and to check out the final results.

KingstonSub, via Hacked Gadgets

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