Video: Full-auto slingshot minigun made with power screwdriver

Joerg Sprave doesn't just like slingshots, he loves them so much that he cranks out a fearsome wooden contraption on his YouTube "Slingshot Channel" every couple of weeks. His latest slingshot takes his previous hand-cranked gatling slingshot and slaps in a Black & Decker power screwdriver for fully motorized action.

More compact now, Sprave's slingshot minigun fires "commercial pistol crossbow bolts" from its eight inline barrels, which are made from "aerospace-grade plywood." As Sprave demonstrates in his video shot at 500 frames per second, the slingshot minigun is surprisingly accurate despite the fact that it doesn't even max out its rubber band strength. And just to show you what a nice guy he is, he posted instructions on how to build the barrel online.

If this is your first time hearing of Sprave and his slingshots, now's a good time to revisit his slingshot bazooka, hand-cranked gatling slingshot, machete slingshot and throwing knife slingshot. There's tons more over at his YouTube channel for those who can't get enough of his work.

Via YouTube

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