Gallery: Retro gaming hardware given slick custom paint jobs

Credit: Zoki64

You don't need modding skills to turn old gaming hardware into coveted masterpieces. Turns out all you need is good taste and paint.

DeviantArt user Zoki64 is making us pine for the good ol' days days when Nintendo ruled the gaming world. If there's one thing we despised about the Nintendo 64, it was the awkward three-legged controller it came with. With a little paint, Zoki64 has somehow turned the controllers (and some consoles) into stylish tributes themed after some of the console's greatest hits, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Perfect Dark and Conker's Bad Fur Day.

For good measure, Zoki64 even customized an SNES after Super Metroid (image up top), an NES with a dark purple and black paint job, and painted a Sega Genesis gamepad in white to commemorate Sonic's 20th anniversary. Check it all out in the gallery below.

Via Zoki64 on DeviantArt

(Thanks, Dave!)

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