Slick homemade pool puts a whole new spin on dumpster diving

Rather than paying a builder big bucks to create a fancy permanent pool in his backyard, New Orleans based architect and production designer Stefan Beese figured he could make one himself using a dumpster.

Having found a suitable 40 cubic yard container, Beese primed it carefully on all sides to seal out rust causing moisture, then dug a hole so it would sit about 20 inches below ground level in his yard. The salt water pool has a full circulating filtration system, although it appears not to be heated. That's probably not such a big deal in New Orleans' hot weather.

One advantage Beese sees is that like any dumpster, his pool can be moved quite easily by truck if he decides to buy a new house. I think it would be fun to leave the water in and go down the road with people swimming in it. Well, on second thought, maybe not.

Check out the video where Beese explains how he put it all together.

Times Picayune, via Treehugger

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